people people Don Bell Capital Hill c2003 Ngunawal elder on Capital Hill showing a found tool. 128938233 1921 Map Major Centres Canberra 1921 Major centres Canberra 128938234 Men at Work Cotter Dam 1913 Cotter Dam construction 128938232 Riverside Farm House Riverside, Yarralumla built 1890s 128938231 Acton Map of Acton land 128938240 c1926 FCC Offices, Acton c1926 FCC Offices Acton 128938236 Acton Cottages 1924 Acton portable timber workmen's cottages 128938244 Acton Detail of Acton 1920s 128938242 Acton Detail of the area of Acton Peninsular 128938241 Former Acton Hospital Former Acton Hospital now part of ANU 128938245 1927 Westlake & Howie's Settlement 128938239 Ann Austin 27 Westlake 1949 Ann Austin 27 Westlake 1949 128938246 View from area of S African High Commission residence State Circle 1952 128938247 Capitol Hill Camp c1925 Capitol Hill Camp c1925 128938249 Briar Farm Briar Farm area - now covered by Southern Cross Yacht Club 128938248 c1927 or early 1927 Prime Minister's Lodge PM's lodge 1926 or early 1927 128938238 c1923 Blandfordia (Forrest) c 1923 Blandfordia (Forrest) cottages 128938235 1920s Power House Cottages Power House [Barton] Cottages 128938237 White City Camp 1927 White City Camp May 1927 128938250